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What we are:

PolarKoru is a boutique jewelry brand specializing in unique designs using high-quality gemstones.

What we are not:

PolarKoru is not a mass producer of jewelry with typical designs and stones often seen in display windows.



























Captain Jari Korhonen

Accredited gemologist and jeweler Jari Korhonen is the founder of Finland-based PolarKoru and its parent company, Zen Gems, a loose gemstones producer and supplier. 

Jari has always been very keen on minerals and gemstones.  As a young man he also dreamt of becoming a sea captain. He began his career at sea, and in the year 2000, he went to work on a Hong Kong-based cruise ship with a Burmese crew. The crewmen’s families were in the gemstone-mining industry, and Jari’s old interest for beautiful gemstones reignited. (Burma is a world-famous producer of the finest rubies and many other gemstones.)

Jari studied gemology at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences and graduated in 2004. Later he continued his studies to earn a diploma in Jewelry Design. In 2006, Jari founded PolarKoru to create bespoke jewelry that combines high-quality colored gemstones and innovative design. 

Form from the nature

Many of PolarKoru’s design inspirations come from northern nature, with its diverse forms and beauty. Ideas often come from the simple things, such as the contrast of stones and the placid surface of a lake. 

PolarKoru’s strength in the growing jewelry market is its selection of high-quality gemstones and its very personal, tailored service. 



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Our Gemstones 

Selecting rough stones for cutting (Photo by PolarKoru)We have a passion for beautiful gemstones.  Because our parent company, Zen Gems, is a major producer of loose gemstones and has supplied within the trade for many years. our prices and our selection of high-quality gemstones are second to none.

Our in-house gemologists carefully select our stones directly from the cutting facilities, and our stones are often cut from rough stones right from the mines. Buying from us means buying from the source without any middlemen. 

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Blue Sapphire mine in Pailin, Cambodia (Photo by PolarKoru)      Preforming of Sapphire (Photo by PolarKoru)  Pailin Blue Sapphire (Photo by PolarKoru)  PolarKoru's Gemstone Gallery

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Polar Koru's Design Service

Our design team can help you show your independent streak and personality in your one-of-a-kind, bespoke jewelry. We work in close collaboration with our clients to create custom pieces. Thoughts and ideas evolve into designs and then into finished products that carry the unique stamp of the owner.

The most rewarding aspect of this process is that, together, we reach an end result that is rare, distinctive, beautifully made and intensely meaningful. This is the essence of true luxury.

Our goldsmiths are renowned for their skills and workmanship in fine jewelry. Don't hesitate to present any of your ideas or original designs, no matter how complicated they might seem. 

PolarKoru's service: gemstones, hand drawn design and crafting

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Our jewelry is examined for gold fineness and hallmarked by the approved Assay Office in Finland (Inspecta).

 Finnish hallmark      Inspecta Assay Office

Our large diamonds are accompanied by a grading report issued by internationally recognized laboratories GIA, HRD, IGI etc. We strictly require that all of our diamond producers follow the Kimberley process. 

Learn more about diamonds and GIA Diamond Grading Reports

Click to enlarge Grading report GIA2106288740         Laser Inscription GIA 2106288740 (Photo by PolarKoru)      Solitaire ring with the Diamond GIA 2106288740 (Photo by PolarKoru)  

 Click to enlarge COA for Solitaire ring with the Diamond GIA 210628874  

PolarKoru's bespoke jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that states the estimated retail replacement value for insurance purposes. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our top priority - we want each and every purchase to result in 100% customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to this principle. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return unused merchandise within 14 days to receive full reimbursement.


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Our many repeat customers are our best references. They trust the PolarKoru brand and understand that exclusivity is a rare commodity in the marketplace. 

PolarKoru's Lapland Collection was introduced in Japan on a live TV show. This collection received an excellent welcome from Japanese customers, and several designs were sold out in less than one hour.


        PolarKoru in live TV-Show in Japan

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